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Our company is headquartered in Kagawa, the home of the world’s most popularudon, Sanuki udon.

What is Japanese udon?

Udon noodles are traditional Japanese cuisines with a long history and a level of popularity that is like ramen and soba noodle cuisines.
Ramen became one of the most popular Japanese cuisines in the world after sushi.
And Udon is said to be the next Japanese cuisine that may create the third wave of Japanese cuisine around the world.

Sanuki Udon noodles are soft,chewy,bouncy, delicate, and thick noodles that give unique sensations.
These are very simple noodles, made from wheat flour, water, salt, and vinegar but through rigorous production methods that have been modified over the years and cultivated by a number of specialty shops and professionals over the past decades.

Sanuki Udon may be the world’ s most delicious and delicate noodle cuisine.
It is very simple, an almost primitive form of cuisine that seems to entertain and satisfy consumers purely with noodles that are freshly made and

About our udon

This is an udon noodle factory that pursues the highest quality in an advanced environment using Yamato Seisakusho’s noodle making machines, which are No. 1 in the noodle making machine industry.


Raw udon

Sansho's fresh udon noodles are quickly frozen immediately after Cutting them, so they can be used as if they were freshly made noodles.


Semi-Dried udon

Sansho's half-baked udon is characterized by its freshness even though it is only half-Dried. It can be stored at room temperature and can be used not only in stock space.

【No soup】
Raw udon 1kg×13pack
Best before date 180day

【No soup】
Semi-Dried 1kg×21pack
Best before date 120day

point!:Sanuki udon contains salt, so it is important to boil it in plenty of hot water approximatery 10 times of udon noodle.
When udon is boiled, the volume increases by about 1.6 times for raw udon and about 1.8 times for half-Dried udon.

We have helped startups succeed with authentic udon.

Sansho wishes to provide the best noodle dishes.
We want to support all our customers.Introducing how to boil udon noodles on our YouTube channelPlease take a look.
We provide delicious noodles to our customers,We will help you succeed in your udon business.

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